The Design and Technology Process: The Brain Behind Successful Creations

January 7, 2017

The architecture and technology action is a analytical alternation of activities through which items are produced to abode the needs of individuals and that of the society. It assists abecedarian and acclimatized designers to aftermath hand-made online writing to amuse our basal needs. The ascendant of these needs is apartment and again aliment and clothing. Online writing for autumn items such as food, oil, etc. are made. Apparels for claimed beautification and added articles to advance our alimentation are fabricated accessible through activities in the architecture and technology process. Creative abilities are developed and added through activities in the architecture and technology process. Organisational skills, assembly skills, cerebration abilities are learnt as the artisan goes through the architecture process. These skills, if developed, can be acclimated in bearing advantageous items which if awash can aid in acceptable one’s bread-and-butter needs.

The needs, tastes and aspirations of audience are abundantly met if accomplish in the architecture action are anxiously followed. Clients’ priorities and blueprint such as shape, size, colour, etc are satisfied. This helps in advancement acceptable chump relations and accumulation mobilisation of sales.

There are ten accomplish in the architecture and technology process. These are:

i. The botheration identification

ii. Definition of the botheration

iii. Analysis of the botheration

iv. Accessible solutions

v. Abstraction development

vi. Preliminary designing/model authoritative

vii. Alive cartoon

viii. Prototype/model

ix. Appraisal

x. Production

(i) The botheration identification:

This is the aboriginal date of the architecture action whereby the absolute botheration that calls for the assembly of the account is acutely stated. For example, a lot of acceptance in a girls’ academy accept been accident their ID cards and money.

(ii) Definition of the problem:

This is the additional date of the architecture action area the specific attributes of the botheration is acicular out calm with the accessible abstracts and banking backbone of the client. For example, a lot of of the girls do not accept purses for befitting those items that are why they lose them so easily. There is a abundance of covering off-cuts deposited at the beheld art flat of the school.

(iii) Analysis of the problem:

This is the third and a lot of important date in the architecture action whereby the artisan engages in assay and assay to acquisition the exact band-aid to the problem.

He asks himself several questions and tries to acquisition answers by accustomed out a absolute investigation. For instance, what is in fact causing the antedate of the money as able-bodied as the ID cards? Is it that the acceptance are absent-minded or there are thieves in the school? Or is it absolutely that the acceptance don’t accept a abode to cautiously accumulate these things? A absolute analysis accepted that the acceptance charge a purse to accredit them cautiously accumulate these items.

He again probes into the shape, admeasurement and anatomy of the article; the accoutrement and abstracts for the production; the amount of the article; the adjustment of production; the assurance of the article; the cultural elements and the final actualization of the article.

• The shape, admeasurement and anatomy of the article- This should be advised absolute carefully. For instance, back the purse is for students, it should not be too bulky and should be able to fit into the pockets of their academy uniforms. A ellipsoidal purse barometer 10cm across × 8cm amplitude will be absolute appropriate.

• The accoutrement and abstracts for the production- In selecting the accoutrement and materials, the artisan has to accede their availability, adequacy and backbone as able-bodied as the banking backbone of clients. Back the covering off-cuts are advisedly abounding in the department, abiding and acceptable for the assembly of the purses, it will be used. Simple covering accouterments and accoutrement in the beheld art flat can be acclimated for the assembly of the purse.

• The amount of the article- The amount of an commodity is usually abased on the absolute assembly amount and the accumulation allowance which ranges from 5%-10% of the absolute assembly cost. The amount of the purse should be abstinent and affordable to the apprentice body.

• The adjustment of production- This refers to the assembly techniques acclimated for the assembly of the item. Simple assembly techniques should be acclimated in the assembly of the purse. These cover cutting, stitching, glueing, and thonging. These will acquiesce the beheld art acceptance to abetment in the assembly of the purses.

• The assurance of the article- This is ensuring that the produced account would not could cause any abrasion or abuse to the users. For instance, asperous edges of the purse should be smoothened. Zippers and added accouterments of the purse should be anchored appropriately to abstain all forms of injury.

• The cultural elements- The best of architecture and colours of the items should reflect the behavior and aspirations of the client. It should reflect the ability of the client. Adinkra symbols that accommodate gems of our cultural ethics and norms can be acclimated in designing the purse.

• The final actualization of the article- The finishing abode acclimated in finishing the artefact should ensure that the handling, assurance and allure of the account is added or improved. For the purse, the apparent of the covering acclimated can be accomplished either by burnishing or polishing.

(iv) Accessible solutions:

Reliable remedies in acclamation the botheration are suggested. Several account are acquired from the environment. Elements of architecture such as lines, shapes, colours etc. and attempt of the architecture like harmony, unity, balance, ascendancy etc. are put to plan in bearing varieties of architecture for the purse. The a lot of acceptable architecture which will best break the botheration at pale is taken.

(v) Abstraction development:

The a lot of acceptable abstraction or architecture is added developed and formed on through alternation of stages by either abacus or adding some aspects of the aboriginal design. The capital locations of the aboriginal architecture are retained while the added data are formed on to advance a different and aboriginal design. This would ensure that the a lot of adapted and acceptable architecture is called for the work.

(vi) Preliminary designing/Model making:

Preliminary designs or archetypal of the final architecture is fabricated application materials. This makes the plan added absolute back it is in a three-dimensional anatomy assuming the length, breadth, and acme of the work.

(vii) Alive drawing:

At this stage, the assorted locations of the commodity are fatigued to calibration to abetment the artisan in the authoritative of the final article. The absolute abstracts of all the locations of the plan are shown. For example, the abstracts of the sides, abject and bond of the purse are acutely adumbrated in the alive drawings. This can be acclimated in bearing patterns or templates of the commodity with ease. It would aswell abetment manufacturers in bearing the aforementioned account in accumulation quantities with accurateness and precision.

(viii) Prototype/Model:

This is the date during which the alive assets are acclimated in the architecture of a ancestor of the article. The ancestor is the exact replica or archetype of the final article. The ancestor is complete for the purposes of abstraction or testing to apperceive if the commodity would be able to break the botheration for which it was produced. For instance, the ancestor purse is apparent to some of the targeted accumulation or end users appropriately the acceptance for their comments on the shape, colour and added appearance of the purse to be produced.

(ix) Production:

This is the date whereby the final commodity is produced application the tools, abstracts and assembly methods mentioned above. The comments of the end users if advised and is positive, is factored in the absolute assembly of the work.

(x) Evaluation:

This is the endure date of the architecture action whereby the artefact is assuredly activated or evaluated to see whether it can ultimately abode the problem. The plan is apparent to friends, agents and experts in the acreage for their comments and evaluation. The final corrections for the artefact are fabricated at this stage.